The Association of small & medium enterprises (ASME) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1986 for enterpreneurs, by enterpreneurs. With wide-ranging services and programmers, ASME strives to equip member SMEs with the business knowledge and market opportunities to help them grow their businesses.

ASME, as the champion of a pro-enterprise Singapore, bridges the public and private sectors to promote a more conducive business environment which facilitates the start-up, growth and development of a large pool of SMEs.

The two ASME flagship awards - The Enterpreneur of the year award and Singapore Prestige Brand Award - are in recognition of SMEs' successes. ASME will continue to roll out new SME-relevent programmes to enhance its position as THE business association for Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs.



Designed to resemble a key, the logo accentuates the central role of ASME to help local enterprises unlock their business potential. By equipping them with strong business knowledge and creating a conducive business environment, our Association helps them Start, Manage and Expand their business.

The 4 initials of the Association A, S, M, E are interconnected and sealed in a circle to represent the strong network that ASME has with the SME community and encapsulate how ASME links the public and the private sectors together, across all platforms.

The red circle symbolises the unification, reflecting the unity within our Association, membership and industry sectors with a common goal of helping SMEs in Singapore. RED, our national colour, is used to show our solidarity as a truly Singaporean organisation, determined and steadfast as we contribute in national development through our facilitation of SME growth. Red, also the colour of vigour, captures our passion and zeal to help local enterprises get off the ground.

The combination of the colours and symbolic elements create a logo that truly reflects the new and dynamic organisation that ASME has evolved into over the years as we continue to serve the interest of Singapore SMEs, helping them grow and develop against a fast-changing business environment.


The Association of Small & Medium Enterprises is a not-for-profit organisation that welcomes all in the entrepreneurial community into our membership.

Pioneered by a group of entrepreneurs in 1986, our Association has grown from strength to strength and remains one of the foremost champions of the Singapore pro-enterprise movement. Today, we continue to work closely with both the public and the private sectors to ensure that businesses in Singapore can operate in a conducive and fair environment.

With the entrepreneur and his business in mind, we are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in creating a robust business ecosystem that is favourable to the success of SMEs. At ASME, we have put in place a holistic framework that includes a variety of effective activities and services tailored to meet the needs of our members and Singapore SMEs.

With a wide array of services and programmes, ASME is well-poised to facilitate the growth and development of a larger pool of SMEs in Singapore as it looks towards creating a conducive business environment and effective platform for the success of local entreprises.

Together with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and the individual behind the enterprise, ASME will continue to strive towards enhancing our position as the business association for Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs.


If you have a new product, service or business model and are experiencing some challenges with regulations, the PEP and our industry partners are here to help you!

The Singapore Business Federation & Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (SBF-ASME) Pro-Enterprise Clinics bring together government agencies and businesses to address your concerns and review government regulations that unnecessarily hinder businesses.

The Fair Tenancy Framework Industry Commitee (FTFIC) Regulatory Clinic is established to provide a channel for SME tenants to clarify their doubts regarding the relief measures. The clinics also provide a platform to facilitate discussions among key stakeholders (i.e. landlords and SME tenants), so that they can work together in a fair negotiation process towards a mutually agreeable tenancy arrangement.



With the support of Enterprise Singapore in collaboration with ASME, Singapore’s first Enterprise Development Centre@ASME was set up in 2005. As of 2013, we have expanded to be known as SME Centre@ASME, signifying a leap forward to be the one-stop bespoke Centre for your business growth. Our Centre provides an even more robust range of assistance and services than before including in-depth diagnostic advisory, capability workshops, group-based upgrading projects based on SME’s business needs and guidance on available Government’s assistance.

We are set on assisting aspiring entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurship journey as well as local enterprises to build capabilities and improve productivity. SME Centre@ASME is your partner in your business growth.

SMECentre@ASME is ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2013, ensuring that we provide and deliver quality services consistently to you. SMECentre@ASME is committed to providing entrepreneurs & companies with:

  • One to one Advisory | Our Centres provide business advisory in the area of Productivity, Marketing, Human Resource and Finance as well as appropriate assistance schemes to uplift your business capabilities.

  • Business Diagnostic | In deepening our business advisory, through the use of assessment toolkits, we can assist to identify your business gaps / business needs throughout the different business functional areas.

  • Capability Workshops & Group Based Diagnostic | SME Centre@ASME organises both workshops and group diagnostic sessions in assisting SMEs from various industries to strengthen foundations for your business growth. These are covered in the 4 capability pillars of Productivity, Marketing, Human Resource and Financial Management.

  • Group Based Upgrading | At the sectoral or locality level, our Centre assists to identify meaningful solutions for SMEs that lead to capability building or enhancing productivity. This comes in the form of identifying suitable solutions or vendors for the development and deployment of collective solutions for a group of SMEs.

  • Clinics | SME Centre@ASME organises monthly pro bono legal and data analytic clinics with leading experts in their practice field for your business-related matters.

To make an appointment with our Business Advisors, please contact us at 6513 0388 or enquiries@smecentre-asme.sg. For more information, please visit www.smecentre-asme.sg You may also visit SMECentre@ASME at:SMECentre@ASME, 167 Jalan Bukit Merah, Connection One, Tower 4, #03-13, Singapore 150167



SME Cloud Exchange Network (SMECEN) aims to be the Cloud Based ERP system fully localised for Singapore SMEs.

SMECEN developed DashBod with the support of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

SMECEN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASME (The Association of Small & Medium Enterprise) Enterprise Holdings Pte Ltd, and works closely with OCBC Bank as its Start Digital Partner.

For more information, please visit smecen.com.



P-Max@ASME is a place-and-train programme managed by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) and supported by the Workforce Singapore (WSG) under the nationawide P-Max initiative to:

  • Help place job-seeking PMETs into suitable SME job roles

  • Assist SMEs to recruit, train, manage and retain newly-hired PMETs

  • Promote progressive human resource practices within the SME ecosystem

For enquiries, please contact P-MAX@ASME at 6513 0349 / 6513 0366 / 6513 0368 or pmax@asme.org.sg. For more information, please visit www.pmax.sg. P-Max@ASME is located at: P-Max@ASME, 167 Jalan Bukit Merah, Connection One, Tower 4, #03-13, Singapore 150167


The Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) aims to build a pipeline of global-ready talent for Singapore enterprises through exposing more Singaporeans to internships and overseas work opportunities and equip them with in-market knowledge to navigate challenges in overseas markets, honing their skills for internationalisation in the process.

Talent can be groomed to support business expansion plans both locally and in overseas market.

For enquiries, please call 6513 0354 / 0349 or email grt@asme.org.sg.


In order to better represent the various industries of SMEs, ASME has set up a special committee to build effective feedback channels in response to government policies, economic developments, local and international events, and their potential effect on local SMEs. The ASME Business Feedback Committee (ABFC) holds quarterly roundtable discussions on SME-related issues. The panel comprises experienced industry leaders like yourself, ASME Executive Council members and invited participants of various expertise.

For enquiries, or if you wish to be part of ABFC, please email us at members@asme.org.sg.


To date, ASME represents approximately 11,000 local SMEs and 18,000 individual business owners, decision-makers and entrepreneurs. With our extensive network of members and partners, we believe ASME is able to provide advertisers with an effective platform to interact and be in contact with businesses from various industry segments.

ASME Marketing Avenues help advertisers produce spectacular results from 3 main platforms - the Online Media, Print Media and ASME Events.

For more information, please call 6513 0376 / 0379 or email bd@asme.org.sg.

Below is a summary of ASME Marketing Avenues you can tap on to maximise your reach to our members:


Online media is the best platform to reach affluent and influential business leaders and C-level executives. Research shows that business leaders spend more time, especially hard-to-reach business hours, on the Web than they do with other media. With heavy at-work traffic, ASME Marketing Avenues via Online Media is the best way to reach and influence the business leadership market.


  • Reach out to over 9,000 SME Business Owners, Directors, Senior Level Managers and Decision Markers in one of the most effective marketing avenues that is fast, fuss-free and easy


  • Attracting an average of 77,000 new visitors and an average of 3.8 million hits, web banners on ASME’s website are a great way to channel visitors to your website! Visited almost exclusively by SME leaders, your web banners will be seen by your target audience.


Create your own print campaign but looking for the right platforms to reach out to SMEs? Look no further with the following options:


  • Launched in September 2004, this bi-monthly publication provides the information resource for the development of SMEs’ businesses. The first local SME-centric publication also prides itself in providing quality and effective advertising avenues for ASME members, associates, partners and all entrepreneurs in Singapore. An educational approach via an editorial in the Entrepreneurs’ Digest will allow your potential customers to understand your products and objectives more thoroughly.


ASME Events are an exclusive avenue to reach local SMEs via an ASME endorsed event, a unique opportunity to directly interact with the SME owners and introduce or reinforce your brand association and brand awareness. Events can be customized accordingly to sponsors’ needs, which provide a great amount of flexibility to mould the events to fit the target audiences and achieve your goals.


  • Networking is rapidly becoming the most successful method of forming business alliances. Many local companies benefit from their involvement in ASMA Networking Nights (ANN) throughout the year.


  • Focusing on a myriad of dynamic topics, workshops and seminars are also conducted for ASME members to educate and introduce the newest, most beneficial tips for all aspects of their business.

These events are held for the main purpose of equipping our SMEs with the appropriate tools they need to succeed.

Email us at bd@asme.org.sg for Sponsorship/Media Rates.



The International Relations Department aims to facilitate the growth and development of SMEs through internationalisation. We create overseas business opportunities for members by assisting them in building up overseas networks and contact through trade missions, exhibitions and hosting of overseas delegates. We work closely with government agencies to assist the growth of SMEs and share various assistance schemes available with these SMEs.

With the support of International Marketing Activities Programme (iMAP), administered by IE Singapore, we lead Singapore delegation under the Singapore Pavilion, showcasing products, services and technologies that Singapore SMEs can offer via the exhibitions platform, across different industries, different market.

For the latest updates on ASME's upcoming events, please visit our event calendar.

For more information, please email us at ir@asme.org.sg


The Event Services department is responsible for organising events together with our partners in the private and government sectors, as we seek to connect businesses to form a vibrant network of like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Events are organised monthly based on various themes and topics on current business issues to stimulate a positive flow of feedback and information exchange. These events are held also for the purpose of equipping SMEs with the appropriate tools they need to succeed and deal with potential business challenges. ASME’s annual flagship events include Entrepreneurs’ Digest Post Budget Convention, SAF Day Rededication Ceremony, ASME Business Symposium, Inter-Association Networking Night, etc.

For the latest updates on ASME's upcoming events, please visit our event calendar.

For more information, please email us at events@asme.org.sg.


The Corporate Communications department is responsible for coordinating all of ASME’s communications activities to key audiences, including members, employees, government bodies, the media and other stakeholders.

The department formulates all internal and external communications materials in support of the Association’s efforts in creating a pro-enterprise environment in Singapore through media relations and management, marketing communications and brand development and management.

The team also manages ASME’s Social Media & Digital Platforms to reach out and connect with the local SME community and beyond.

For the latest updates on ASME's publications, please visit our publications page.

For article contribution enquiry on Entrepreneurs’ Digest, please contact us at edigest@asme.org.sg.

For media enquiries, please email us at corpcomms@asme.org.sg.


The Member Relations department is responsible for member-liaison and managing ASME’s membership base.

The team also holds roundtable discussions for the ASME Business Feedback Committee (ABFC), a special committee involving representatives from various SMEs and government institutions, to discuss current SME-related issues.

ASME welcomes all individuals and companies interested to be part of ASME’s membership.

For enquiries, please call 6513 0367 or email members@asme.org.sg.

For more information on membership, please visit our membership page.