2 June 2015
Important to boost HR practitioners' competencies: Chan Chun Sing
Faris Mokhtar

SINGAPORE: It is important to build up the competencies of human resource (HR) practitioners so that they can move into leadership positions in companies located in Singapore or overseas, said labour chief Chan Chun Sing.

He was speaking on Tuesday (Jun 2) on the sidelines of the inaugural Human Resource Leadership Summit, organised by the trade union and the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI).

Mr Chan explained: "On the whole, we hope that working with SHRI and ASME (Association of Small and Medium Enterprises), we will have a roadmap, a progressive skills ladder for HR professionals, ranging from how they manage a small and medium enterprise with 10 employees to an MNC (multinational corporation) with thousands of employees.

“There are different skill sets for different levels and we hope that we can have a clear map so that our HR professionals understand the skill sets required to operate in and also beyond Singapore.”

Mr Chan also said that there needs to be a strong relationship between a company's HR department and its staff to ensure that workers' welfare is taken care of.

He added that the trade union will work with organisations such as the ASME and SHRI to develop skill sets which enable HR practitioners to, for instance, understand matters such as the Industrial Relations Act better.

The summit was attended by more than 400 participants including HR professionals, entrepreneurs, union leaders and representatives from small- and medium-sized enterprises.

- CNA/xq