10 April 2015
ASME thanks Tan Chuan-Jin, welcomes Lim Swee Say to MOM
Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) has thanked Minister of Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin for his guidance and support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, and also welcomed succeeding minister Lim Swee Say into the manpower office.

In a statement on Thursday (Apr 9), the association said it has been working closely with Mr Tan since his tenure as Acting Minister of Manpower, such as during the launch of the WDA-supported Max Talent programme in 2012.

Kurt Wee, President of ASME, praised Mr Tan for deftly balancing the shortage of local labour and talent alongside the manpower needs of local enterprises, while also reducing Singapore’s reliance on foreign manpower. ASME recognised the contributions of both Mr Tan and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in providing proactive assistance to numerous SMEs through assistance schemes like WorkPro and various training grants.

The deferment of the increment in foreign worker levies also demonstrated Mr Tan’s understanding of ground issues and his acknowledgement of SMEs’ concerns, said ASME, adding that deferment was one of several key changes made to existing manpower policies that Mr Tan had a role in implementing.

Mr Wee also thanked Mr Tan for his consultation sessions and frank exchanges on manpower and other ancillary issues related to SME development and growth. He applauded Mr Tan’s singular and well-informed views that made the sessions productive and a pleasure to partake in, and wished him success in his next leadership role in the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

In addition, ASME welcomed the incoming Minister for Manpower, Mr Lim Swee Say, and the opportunity to work closely with him on SME-related issues.

The association highlighted Mr Lim’s passion towards the workforce and its development, which they saw as a definite asset for the enterprising community. It said Mr Lim was a great supporter of local SMEs, and that he was the witness at a Memorandum of Understanding signing between ASME and the Bosses’ Network in July 2014.

ASME invited Mr Lim to continue the existing close working relationship the organisation and MOM share, to constantly better human capital and talent management in Singapore.

The association is also looking forward to exploring with Mr Lim other avenues to further develop Singapore's workforce capabilities and better retain local talent to build a robust management core for Singapore SMEs.

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